Directors Roles & Responsibilities

Directors have the responsibility and legal right to make decisions about the development. These decisions can be related to financial and physical changes. Although members are welcome and encouraged to generate ideas, anything relating to major change or financial spend must be approved by the Directors.  The Directors act in a voluntary capacity and give of their time and expertise without remuneration.  New faces are always welcome to join the Board of Directors. Although it is ideal to join the Board at the AGM, feel free to contact us at any time if you would like to dedicate some of your time with assisting the effective running of the development. As a member of the board, you will be expected to attend roughly 4-5 meetings per year.

Anyone who would like to join the board or assist us in any way should contact

Property Manager/Managing Agent Role & Responsibilities



  • Agree an appropriate Budget and Sinking Fund with the Board and members of Rathfarnham Gate OMC
  • Ensure the Prompt collection of annual Service Fees for all units
  • Manage the dedicated Rathfarnham Gate OMC Bank Account (with a board member) and maintain proper records of all transactions which would be open to inspection by the board
  • Ensure the development is Maintained to the Highest Standard by employing the current service providers or other reliable service providers.
  • Regularly Tender out all services provided to ensure best value and quality for the development in conjunction with the board
  • Provide a 24 Hour emergency contact number and liaise with the emergency services where necessary
  • Ensure the ongoing programme of redecoration, repairs and improvements by auditing the site and Scheduling all items that need to be addressed and in agreement with the board
  • To enforce the Code of Conduct for the development and ensure the terms of the leasehold between Rathfarnham Gate OMC and individual owners are adhered to
  • Carry out Regular Inspections of the development to ensure the highest standards
  • Liaise with the Caretaker/Janitor on a regular basis to discuss any issues and resolve them e.g. roofing issues, leaks (internal and external), lifts, lights (internal and external), bike shed, pigeon control, metre readings, shutter to basement, fire alarms, Sky dish, smells in blocks, painting (internal and external), cobble lock maintenance, etc.
  • Maintain a file of all Correspondence with a copy available to the Board
  • Maintain and update a Database of owners
  • Organise and attend the AGM
  • Meet the Directors on a regular basis to advise of ongoing issues in the development
  • Act as Company Secretary and register their address as the company address

Caretaker/Janitor’s Roles & Responsibilities

The complex has a part-time Caretaker/Janitor who works a 20 hour week and is provided by Synergy Facility Services. His role is divided into Cleaning Duties and Janitorial Duties:

Cleaning Duties

  • Litter pick and tidy to car parks above and below ground
  • Footpath litter to Le Bret, Loftus and Blackburne Square – above ground
  • Bin/refuse maintenance x 2 sheds; clean out bin sheds in all area and disinfect weekly, rotate bins in sheds for easy access for residents, place all bags on the ground in to the bins
  • Clean/mop all tiled floors to 5 no. internal stairwells weekly
  • Dust skirtings and railings/handrails to 5 no. stairwells weekly
  • Polish and clean glass to 5 no. block doors weekly
  • Vacuum carpets to 5 no. stairwells weekly
  • Litter pick to shrubs/hedges and general external areas weekly

Janitorial Duties

  • Remove junk mail from all blocks and discard daily
  • Inspect 5 no. stairwells for any missing/misused fire extinguishers weekly
  • Inspect all vehicle gates daily and check that all parts are in working order and functioning properly. Report any issues to the Managing Agent.
  • Inspect all public lighting to 5 no. stairwells for non-working lights
  • Inspect all external public lighting for non-working lights
  • Liaise with the Managing Agent’s office when necessary to inspect any daily occurring issues such as blocked drains, broken door locks to common areas, cracked or broken glass to common areas, guttering or security issues
  • Take instruction from the Managing Agent on any calls received to the Bohan Hyland office from residents reporting items such antisocial behaviour, breach of house rules, washing lines, leaks, gutter issues, etc.
  • Carry out minor maintenance repairs to the common areas such as replacing ebb, ups, gas doors that may have fallen off, fix loose pieces of guttering where specialist work is not necessary, etc, etc.

Note: An expansive list of the Caretaker/Janitor’s daily, quarterly, and annual duties is available in the Resident’s Log In area.